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lisa's Journal
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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2001
10:14 pm
ok...everyone does stupid stuff in there life. i know i have done some pretty stupid stuff (we wont go there) but should a person who has done something so natural as...lets say...having sex, get punished for doing something so...natural? just throwing that out there. if anyone has an answer, let me know. i dying for one. anyway...i am done with school for the summer. thank god for small favors! now the only things i have to worry about are the show and work. but i dont need to worry about work. i work in a pet store! but the show is the big thing. i hate working with kids in theater. youre really not supposed to. there is a rule on that and whoever thought about doing the music man was not thinking about that rule. oh well. its not that bad. whats bad is the fact that i am not a dancer. i am just "an actor with movement". thats what the dance guy said. oh well. ill get over it. bill and i are going to st. augustine tomarrow. i am very excited! this will be the first day we get to spend together without one of us skipping work or school. plus he only has 2 more semesters of school then he joins the police academy and we are off to seattle! yeah! ok, im done. not much to write about. my life is pretty boring! bye kids...

Current Mood: complacent
Monday, April 16th, 2001
9:41 pm
so i am a bad person for not writing in a while. but i have no life now that im doing the music man. that show is killing me. plus im still trying to make time for bill. yes...we still are together! i cant beleive it myself! anyway...bill and i are going to see placebo in atlantain may. im excited! and so is he. colleen and i are no longer speaking, but oh well! markie and i havent hung out in a while. but we have both been busy. school is almost out and i cant wait for summer. i need a break from school. well thats all. i need to study for a math test im probably going to fail. bye...
Wednesday, March 28th, 2001
9:28 pm
i havent updated in a while. i have been very busy. i feel overwhelmed, but im not. bill and i are doing great. i really like him. he is the first guy i have ever trusted wholly and completely. more than my father. and i dont know why. im not scared of our relationship. which is good. i want to keep him around a while. i like him. started rehearsal for music man. im excited but i dont like working with kids. grr! they are annoying. markie isnt doing it. but i dont blame her. it also looks like we arent moving out either. oh well. my day will come when i can. and when it does it will be an oh so happy day! markie also quite school. but she is going into cosmotology. i know this is boring but i have a stupid math test to study for. grr! bye

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, March 15th, 2001
6:50 pm
colleen really likes to hold onto things. its not nice to call people names! i havent even gone that far. and im not going to sink myself to her level...im moving on...

tonight is art bar night. and im going to the male reveiw at shades also. im just waiting for dee to pick me up. she should be here in about 20 minutes. plus im staying at bill's house tonight. my period is over and he is in a very good mood...

ok well im out. just wanted to say hey to everyone. so, hey!

Current Mood: aggravated
7:07 am
so markie is just as pissed about the whole colleen situation as i am. she said it even hurt her b/c she just imagined her best friend saying all that to her. i dont blame her, its hurtful. but i wont let it get to me. shes not worth the trouble anymore...markie said that colleen doesnt even know the whole story. oh well.

tara is coming down today. she should be here tonight. im going to the male reveiew with dee tonight and then to the art bar with markie and all those cool cats. sunday bill and i are going to see his friend paul's band play at the brass rail again. i dont like that place. its dirty. but i like paul's band so it should be fun. after that we are going to see his friend jimmy play. but im not sure where. plus sunday is zoo day with the girls. well i need to go. i started packing up stuff. i hate packing. i hate moving but i will be excited when we do. all right...i need to go...bye

Current Mood: enraged
Wednesday, March 14th, 2001
11:11 pm
bill, bill, bill, bill....
sorry...hes on my mind. i took him home tonight and we ended up talking in the car for like an hour. which is good b/c it means i can have an intelligent conversation with him. and we disagree and talk over each other and everything. its great! hes so good to talk to/with. hes great! i like him a lot. moving on...

this morning was shitty. i got yucky emails from colleen and b/c i couldnt stand it anymore i went ahead and wrote her back. which i probably said some things ill regret later but as of right now...

biology again was a massive energy inhibiter. if you ever want to conserve energy take dr. bates' bio class. every time i go in there i end up coimg out with all this energy. its like i could run around the block forever and never get tired! she drives us all nuts. on momday she was talking about how her and her b/f trip on those stupid 3-D pictures. how dumb is that! i mean she kept going on and on...

i talked to josh yesterday. it was good to talk to him but of course it was all casual. i think it probably will be from now on. we probably wont ever discuss our past. which can be helpful and harmful...

other then my dad and this thing with colleen, everything is great. markie and i cant wait to move out. we are excited. um...what else...im taking my neices to the zoo on sunday. i hope it doesnt rain. oh and tara is coming down with the baby! im so excited to see them! it will be awesome. ok...i need to go. im tired and i have to get up early tomarrow. tomarrow night is art bar night. yeah!

Current Mood: okay
Tuesday, March 13th, 2001
2:39 pm
so colleen is upset with me. which she has a right to be and she doesnt. i didnt know she was going through a rough time b/c she never called or anything. but the phone does work both ways so i should have been a better friend. but shes right. we are on seperate paths and if she finds out later that we can be friends, then so be it. but at least she has carrie. of all the people carrie's the one i would want her to have. she will be good for colleen. so i wish her well in all she does. and if/when she leaves and she doesnt say good bye, thats fine. i hope she can find some tranquility and happiness.

so i went over the schedule for the music man and it is going to be killer. i just dont want to work with the kids. isnt the rule "dont work with kids and animals"? oh well. school went well today. i got my math test back and i made an 82. the highest grade in the class. that makes me happy. im talking to josh right now. its kind of weird but of course it would be. we are just being cordial. anyway...i need to go. bye

Current Mood: apathetic
Sunday, March 11th, 2001
1:21 pm
"i feel happy"...
i have found the greatest guy. he makes me happy and beleive it or not, im not bored with him. i dont beleive i could be bored with him. he keeps me on my toes. i also think he will be good for me. besides, people have noticed a difference in my manner. they all say i look happy. and i am! well im in the music man at opct. mary kay is in it with me. im excited. i love her! we are looking for an apartment to move into over in riverside. we need to get out of op! she is going into cosmotology, which is good for her. she will be good at it. i have a meeting today at 2 for the show. plus bill and i are going out to eat tonight when he gets off work. its nice waking up in his arms. his hugs make me feel safe and i actually feel in his arms. thursday was bad at the art bar. they played lots of cool songs and i danced like a fool, but my ex showed up. he and bill talked a lot and it made me very uncomfortable. bill and i got into an arguement about it, but we talked about it later and it was cool. i love the art bar! i looked cute, too. i wore a short black skirt with my fishnets and a black tank top with the beatles on it. well i need to go. i have to stop by wal mart before i go to the theater. all right kids...see ya..

Current Mood: silly
Tuesday, March 6th, 2001
6:53 am
"I feel happy..."
a little monty python for ya! good morning LJ! how is everyone out there in lj land! haha! i am extremely happy b/c i have found a wonderful guy. i met him at the art bar on thursday. he is a friend of dan's. now he is my boyfriend! haha! that sounds funny...me having a b/f. anyway...his name is bill shields. hes 24. he works at george's music in op and lives in regency. what a long drive....we have a lot in common, but not too thank goodness. he is absolutely adorable. he has the most gorgeous blue eyes and this baby face to go with it. he loves red heads (hence why he is going out with me). he also plays the guitar and sings. he writes some poetry but not a lot. and there are so many other things too but i dont have time to list them all. i spent the night at his house sunday night and he is SOOOO GOOD!!!!! anyway...i need to go...

Current Mood: ecstatic
6:46 am
"I feel happy..."
a little monty python for ya! good morning LJ! how is everyone out there in lj land! haha! i am extremely happy b/c i have found a wonderful guy. i met him at the art bar on thursday. he is a friend of dan's. now he is my boyfriend! haha! that sounds funny...me having a b/f. anyway...his name is bill shields. hes 24. he works at george's music in op and lives in regency. what a long drive....we have a lot in common, but not too thank goodness. he is absolutely adorable. he has the most gorgeous blue eyes and this baby face to go with it. he loves red heads (hence why he is going out with me). he also plays the guitar and sings. he writes some poetry but not a lot. and there are so many other things too but i dont have time to list them all. i spent the night at his house sunday night and he is SOOOO GOOD!!!!! anyway...i need to go...

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, February 28th, 2001
6:28 pm
ouchy!! my knee hurts!!!
i had soccer practice yesterday and instead of knocking over this ten year old i feel on the ground. now i have this awesome strawberry on my knee. its great! i love it! lets see...what else...i had a biology test today that i bombed! ohwell. tomarrow i have both an english and a humanities exam. im probably going to bomb the humanities one. i dont care! i hate that class anyway...what else...justin called me yesterday. im going up to see him next weekend. im excited! i cant wait. now i have to go and finish my english homework. bye

Current Mood: content
Sunday, February 11th, 2001
10:17 pm
gee...i can not wait until this weekend!!! i get a sort of mini vacation. the only problem is that my mom, joe (grrr) and robert will be there. one long weekend colleen and i are going to visit my g-parents...just the two of us. that would be fun, dont you think colleen? anyway...things have been nuts here at my house. i stayed away as much as i could this weekend so i didnt get the butt end of my mother's rampage due to my brother's stupidity. be glad all of you out there have sensible siblings...or you dont have any at all. anyway...thursday at 5:15 we start soccer practice again!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! i am so excited! i have missed it so much. that and my kids...plus we have a new goalie. and shes a CHICK!!! coach says shes awesome and she NOT A GIRLIE-GIRL!!!! ok...i need to go. im tired and my muscle relaxers will be working soon. good-night!

Current Mood: restless
Friday, February 9th, 2001
7:51 pm
i cant beleive it...i got stood up!!!!
george has not called me! we were supposed to go out tonight and see a movie but he never called me. oh well, maybe its for the better. hes kind of weird anyway...and guess what else? last night i went with mary kay to the artbar and it was so fun!!!!!! i meet lots of cool people and had a blast. before we went we all hung out at betsy's house (thats a friend of mk's) and drank some. then we went. i had so much fun!!! there was dancing and it was awesome music like radiohead, coldplay, and they might be giants. its this bar with lots of art that they change around alot and they also have a foosball table and a pool table. plus they have this deck outside that you can go and just hang out. and its only five bucks! three if your over twenty one. which is always how it is...anyway...just thought i would tell what i did last night. i didnt even get home until 3 in the morning. good thing i didnt have to work until 12. but tomarrow i have to work from 10 til closing. but after work im going over to tiffany's to watch a movie. so that should be cool. well colleen should be here soon. shes coming over to watch a movie. well bye...

Current Mood: giggly
Thursday, February 8th, 2001
6:00 pm
"dancing queen, young and sweet only 17..."
i just called around today and found out about dance classes in op. i want to start back up dancing. which is weird since the last time i danced i was 5! this should be fun...anyway...ronnie found a job! so congrats to him. and guess what else? know that guy george, well he called me today and we talked. i dont like his laugh. it sounds really gay. i dont know...well see how he is on friday night. mary kay and i are supposed to go to the art bar tonight if she ever calls me back. i hope she does. i really want to go. and saturday im going to tiffany's to watch "coyote ugly". ok...im going...bye!!!

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, February 7th, 2001
10:08 pm
wow...two days in a row! i better not make a habit of this...haha!!! lets see...what exciting happened today...nothing really except that this guy, his name is george, he works at subway next door to my pet store and he asked me if i like "silence of the lambs" and i said yes b/c that movie was awesome. and then he asked me if o wanted to go with him to see the sequel. i said yes! he said it wasnt a date...which is stupid b/c we all know it is. but i just think thats way cool...i mean ronnie and i arent exclusive so i should be able to see who i want, right? right. so thats all that happened today. oh i didnt find out what i made on my bio test but on the lab quiz today i got a 16 out of 18. i thought that was pretty good. well i need to go. i have a paper to write for english. night...

Current Mood: giggly
Tuesday, February 6th, 2001
5:42 pm
ok...shoot me...
so i havent written in a while. things have been crazy. ronnie and i have been talking for a while. but i seriously think i dont want to date anyone exclusively(sp). i cant handle that kind of thing. so i dont know...i just want to go out and have fun and not worry about it. lets see...what else...school is good. im actually going and making decent grades. who knows...i just might pass. josh and i got into it. i wrote this poem and sent it to him and like a fish he took the bait. i knew he would. anyway...we had words but i think it might be all right now. i dont know...hes just been a big part of my life forever now that loosing him would suck. and guess what? justin is actually acting jealous. i tease him about it all the time. i love it! he is so funny about that kind of thing. he never used to be like that. i cant wait until mardi gras! colleen is going with us. it will be so much fun! justin is coming too. and i think hes bringing shawn. im not sure. i need to call colleen, see if she wants to do something. if she cant then ill call mary kay. we are becoming really good friends. her eryn s. and i are all in the same bio class together. we have fun. mary kay and i went to wendys for lunch on monday. then we walked 5 points. i bought the hum cd which i have desperately been looking for and these really cute lights with lady bugs on them. they are adorable. tara finally had her baby sunday morning. a boy. shes coming down in 2 weeks. i cant wait to see her and the new baby. mk and i bought her this really cute card that said "welcome to parenthood" on the front and on the inside it said "life as you know it now is over. yes over. say it with me now". we thought it was too cute and had to get it. we thought she would like it. knowing tara she probably will. lets see anything else exciting going on...i went to student venture last night. i miss those guys. i need to go back. (they miss you too colleen. you need to go back too) that is a pretty good step towards getting back on the right path. hear that colleen...im trying to get there....anyway...i need to go. i think ive dulled everyone. i know im bored! haha! bye all

Current Mood: content
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2001
5:22 pm
well this will be very short b/c i have to go and baby sit. GRRRR!!!! anyway...i talked to ronnie last night and i talked to him today too. hes so cute...anyway...i need to jett! hey colleen...i read that thing about the newspaper...congrats...ok, i need to go..

Current Mood: pleased
1:20 am
oh man!!!
i havent updated in a while. im fretting...i like ronnie...and he likes me. but hes black, which doesnt bother me, it just bothers my whole fucking family. and everyone else my mother tells. gee...i just wish she hadnt discussed it with melissa. now they are both going to gang up on me and make me feel gulity about a.j. i hate it when they do that! GRRRR!!!! i dont know? what should i do? i need some help here people? i want this to work...i cant sleep b/c of it. i havent talked to josh in forever, which i dont care b/c in the same sentence he said he has a g/f and he still wants to be friends with me...he doesnt want to lose touch. yeah, whatever...havent heard from him in a while. then i talked to justin. i finally got some emotion out of him when i made my "im going to work at hooters" comment. he didnt like that very much...which surprised me b/c he has never come off as the jealous type...and ronnie...we get to him...what do i say...hes everything i want in a guy, i think...i dont know!!! im so confused. i hate life...steve thinks i shouldnt do it. but then again steve would like to send me to a convent and see me become a nun...good thing im not catholic!!! haha!!! he would rather me rot as an old maid then be with someone...not fair! i get to be unhappy while he gets to be happy! whatever! and then ronnie actually likes me...i cant beleive that! through all my faults, he wnats to stay around. and hes scared for me! then theres a.j. mom says he thinks the world of me...why? i dont know. if i knew i could tell myself. i am not an untouchable person. in fact, im very touchable...i deserve to be happy...GRRRRRR!!!!! i hate guys...oh well. theres nothing i can do about it. i just have to go with the flow. ronnie and i are going out friday. maybe this time we can actually go out on a real "date". mom is leaving friday for her business trip. shell be gone for a week and my aunt betty is coming on sunday to take care of my brother. that way i dont have to play mommy...and next weekend justin is supposed to be coming...lucky me! i mean im happy, but i dont need this right now...i just need to make it through this semester. ok...i need to try and sleep. i dont know how...man, tomarrow im going to be so tired! good night! and if anyone has a solution to my many petty problems, let me know. especially if you have a gun...

Current Mood: crappy
Tuesday, January 16th, 2001
3:51 pm
hey there kids...hows things on the farm...haha...dont ask. im hyper...anyway...i had such a busy weekend that i dont know where to begin. i guess the beginning is good enough. well lets see it all started on wednesday when i got a phone call from a friend that id met about 4 years ago. he said he was coming to see me. hes in the marine core and is stationed in pensacola so he was going to try and come friday. on thursday i had the opening (more of a benefeit) showing of my play that im in. if you have any questions or want to ask me about it, let me know...anyway...i did that and came home thursday with a message on my machine that said justin (thats his name) was coming. i was so excited. so on friday i had to work and then i had the real opening of my show. it was awesome. my grandparents were there along with my aunt betty and some of her friends. also my best friend colleen came and brought another of my friends, carrie. which i didnt know about so it was a good surprise. anyway...after the show i had colleen come over and wait for justin with me. i was so nervous and excited i could hardly contain myself!!! even colleen squealed with excitement for me...so...he came and we stayed up half the night talking and making out!!! which i totally enjoyed b/c i hadnt had any in forever...so i had to get up the next morning and work. i went to work then came home and hung out until i had to go to my show. the guys (justin brought his friend shawn whom i think is the sweetest guy) and they loved it!!! who wouldnt? its me!!! haha!!! so after that i called colleen and the four of us went to see a movie. we saw double take and i think we were the only white people in the whole theater. so after that we came back to my house and justin and i did it again!!! what could you expect...we had four years to make up for...hahaha!!!! so then i had to go to church on sunday b/c i was singing. it was pretty good actually. i was so nervous but i got over it. afte that i had an audition which i didnt make, but thats ok and i had another show. after the show i came home and feel asleep on the couch. then i woke up. shawn eventually went to bed and of course...we did it again!!! so on monday i had to work at 3 and the guys were leaving at 3. so we hung out for a while and then i went to work. i was proud of myself...i didnt cry!! so then they left. im going to see them in a month b/c my grandmother invited them to mardi gras! so colleen is going to go b/c shes never been either. well i need to go. i have homework to do. ill write more later...

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, January 10th, 2001
7:59 pm
ok so school has started and i love it. on momdays and wednesdays i have biology. erin syzmanski and mary kay zerza are both in my class. on tuesdays and thursdays i have english and math and humanities. one of the guys from my english class last year is in all three of my classes on t&t. isnt that weird? anyway...my english teacher seems pretty cool. i think he will be all right. my math teacher is a young phillipino guy. hes ay cute and hes so short. he cant even reach the top of the board!!! my humanities teacher is a black and very gay guy. he is hysterical...well i need to go.

Current Mood: cheerful
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