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"i feel happy"...

i have found the greatest guy. he makes me happy and beleive it or not, im not bored with him. i dont beleive i could be bored with him. he keeps me on my toes. i also think he will be good for me. besides, people have noticed a difference in my manner. they all say i look happy. and i am! well im in the music man at opct. mary kay is in it with me. im excited. i love her! we are looking for an apartment to move into over in riverside. we need to get out of op! she is going into cosmotology, which is good for her. she will be good at it. i have a meeting today at 2 for the show. plus bill and i are going out to eat tonight when he gets off work. its nice waking up in his arms. his hugs make me feel safe and i actually feel in his arms. thursday was bad at the art bar. they played lots of cool songs and i danced like a fool, but my ex showed up. he and bill talked a lot and it made me very uncomfortable. bill and i got into an arguement about it, but we talked about it later and it was cool. i love the art bar! i looked cute, too. i wore a short black skirt with my fishnets and a black tank top with the beatles on it. well i need to go. i have to stop by wal mart before i go to the theater. all right kids...see ya..
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