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"I feel happy..."

a little monty python for ya! good morning LJ! how is everyone out there in lj land! haha! i am extremely happy b/c i have found a wonderful guy. i met him at the art bar on thursday. he is a friend of dan's. now he is my boyfriend! haha! that sounds having a b/f. anyway...his name is bill shields. hes 24. he works at george's music in op and lives in regency. what a long drive....we have a lot in common, but not too thank goodness. he is absolutely adorable. he has the most gorgeous blue eyes and this baby face to go with it. he loves red heads (hence why he is going out with me). he also plays the guitar and sings. he writes some poetry but not a lot. and there are so many other things too but i dont have time to list them all. i spent the night at his house sunday night and he is SOOOO GOOD!!!!! anyway...i need to go...
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