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gee...i can not wait until this weekend!!! i get a sort of mini vacation. the only problem is that my mom, joe (grrr) and robert will be there. one long weekend colleen and i are going to visit my g-parents...just the two of us. that would be fun, dont you think colleen? anyway...things have been nuts here at my house. i stayed away as much as i could this weekend so i didnt get the butt end of my mother's rampage due to my brother's stupidity. be glad all of you out there have sensible siblings...or you dont have any at all. anyway...thursday at 5:15 we start soccer practice again!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! i am so excited! i have missed it so much. that and my we have a new goalie. and shes a CHICK!!! coach says shes awesome and she NOT A GIRLIE-GIRL!!!! ok...i need to go. im tired and my muscle relaxers will be working soon. good-night!
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