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i cant beleive it...i got stood up!!!!

george has not called me! we were supposed to go out tonight and see a movie but he never called me. oh well, maybe its for the better. hes kind of weird anyway...and guess what else? last night i went with mary kay to the artbar and it was so fun!!!!!! i meet lots of cool people and had a blast. before we went we all hung out at betsy's house (thats a friend of mk's) and drank some. then we went. i had so much fun!!! there was dancing and it was awesome music like radiohead, coldplay, and they might be giants. its this bar with lots of art that they change around alot and they also have a foosball table and a pool table. plus they have this deck outside that you can go and just hang out. and its only five bucks! three if your over twenty one. which is always how it is...anyway...just thought i would tell what i did last night. i didnt even get home until 3 in the morning. good thing i didnt have to work until 12. but tomarrow i have to work from 10 til closing. but after work im going over to tiffany's to watch a movie. so that should be cool. well colleen should be here soon. shes coming over to watch a movie. well bye...
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