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ok...shoot me...

so i havent written in a while. things have been crazy. ronnie and i have been talking for a while. but i seriously think i dont want to date anyone exclusively(sp). i cant handle that kind of thing. so i dont know...i just want to go out and have fun and not worry about it. lets see...what is good. im actually going and making decent grades. who knows...i just might pass. josh and i got into it. i wrote this poem and sent it to him and like a fish he took the bait. i knew he would. anyway...we had words but i think it might be all right now. i dont know...hes just been a big part of my life forever now that loosing him would suck. and guess what? justin is actually acting jealous. i tease him about it all the time. i love it! he is so funny about that kind of thing. he never used to be like that. i cant wait until mardi gras! colleen is going with us. it will be so much fun! justin is coming too. and i think hes bringing shawn. im not sure. i need to call colleen, see if she wants to do something. if she cant then ill call mary kay. we are becoming really good friends. her eryn s. and i are all in the same bio class together. we have fun. mary kay and i went to wendys for lunch on monday. then we walked 5 points. i bought the hum cd which i have desperately been looking for and these really cute lights with lady bugs on them. they are adorable. tara finally had her baby sunday morning. a boy. shes coming down in 2 weeks. i cant wait to see her and the new baby. mk and i bought her this really cute card that said "welcome to parenthood" on the front and on the inside it said "life as you know it now is over. yes over. say it with me now". we thought it was too cute and had to get it. we thought she would like it. knowing tara she probably will. lets see anything else exciting going on...i went to student venture last night. i miss those guys. i need to go back. (they miss you too colleen. you need to go back too) that is a pretty good step towards getting back on the right path. hear that trying to get there....anyway...i need to go. i think ive dulled everyone. i know im bored! haha! bye all
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