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hey there kids...hows things on the farm...haha...dont ask. im hyper...anyway...i had such a busy weekend that i dont know where to begin. i guess the beginning is good enough. well lets see it all started on wednesday when i got a phone call from a friend that id met about 4 years ago. he said he was coming to see me. hes in the marine core and is stationed in pensacola so he was going to try and come friday. on thursday i had the opening (more of a benefeit) showing of my play that im in. if you have any questions or want to ask me about it, let me know...anyway...i did that and came home thursday with a message on my machine that said justin (thats his name) was coming. i was so excited. so on friday i had to work and then i had the real opening of my show. it was awesome. my grandparents were there along with my aunt betty and some of her friends. also my best friend colleen came and brought another of my friends, carrie. which i didnt know about so it was a good surprise. anyway...after the show i had colleen come over and wait for justin with me. i was so nervous and excited i could hardly contain myself!!! even colleen squealed with excitement for came and we stayed up half the night talking and making out!!! which i totally enjoyed b/c i hadnt had any in i had to get up the next morning and work. i went to work then came home and hung out until i had to go to my show. the guys (justin brought his friend shawn whom i think is the sweetest guy) and they loved it!!! who wouldnt? its me!!! haha!!! so after that i called colleen and the four of us went to see a movie. we saw double take and i think we were the only white people in the whole theater. so after that we came back to my house and justin and i did it again!!! what could you expect...we had four years to make up for...hahaha!!!! so then i had to go to church on sunday b/c i was singing. it was pretty good actually. i was so nervous but i got over it. afte that i had an audition which i didnt make, but thats ok and i had another show. after the show i came home and feel asleep on the couch. then i woke up. shawn eventually went to bed and of course...we did it again!!! so on monday i had to work at 3 and the guys were leaving at 3. so we hung out for a while and then i went to work. i was proud of myself...i didnt cry!! so then they left. im going to see them in a month b/c my grandmother invited them to mardi gras! so colleen is going to go b/c shes never been either. well i need to go. i have homework to do. ill write more later...
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